Commencement Ceremonies

Rich loves to share with young people. He will share with your group 5 basic principles that have helped him achieve a successful and profitable life.

I just wanted to say thank you again for your awesome talk at Baccalaureate.  It was just what the Seniors needed to hear. I really hope they listened closely to your message.  I really appreciate you working your faith into the talk.  It was a perfect fit for the baccalaureate.  If you ever need a reference you may feel free to include me.    You did a great job.
Many Thanks,   Dave McFarland – Sargent Bluff High School – Sargent Bluff, IA (5/2011)
Rich will focus on topics like:

Overcoming adversity of all types (Rich went blind at the age of ten)

Setting Goals high enough to challenge, but within reach of achieving.

Rich also shares his inspirational stories about how he used his blindness, which many would consider a weakness, and turned it into a strength.

Rich integrates humor with thought provoking ideas that will help young people open their minds and challenge them to chart their own success.

Contact Rich today to book the highest quality speaking event. He will be sure to entertain and make you laugh & learn as the Keynote speaker for your next event.

Other availalbe speaches:


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